• E-kanyard

    E-Kenyard Online Tutoring Services

    The objective of the E-Kenyard

    To improve the quality of the Education System for all our children at any time with a minimum financial burden to be on par with the rest of the world.

    Specific Objectives:

    • To improve the learning capacity of the children in Sri Lanka by providing flexible study options.
    •  To provide a flexible system of education to the children in Sri Lanka to meet the challenges of access and equality and work towards the development of a knowledge-filled future.
    • To provide professional quality education to all school-going children in Sri Lanka especially the under-developed and unreached sectors through online education services.
    • To provide access to education to all segments of society at an affordable cost through the latest technology.

    Introduction & Reason Motivating the Request for Assistance:

    As education is a powerful tool in present days technology in a fast-paced world, Sri Lanka too has geared up to meet the requirements initially placing education as a fundamental right of every citizen, and, as of the year 2015, Sri Lanka's population stands at 93.63% of adult literacy rate. 

    Nevertheless, the educational Institutions in our country are still operating with the traditional methods despite various modern technologies and mechanisms that have been introduced around the world. No doubt, with the emergence of Information and Communication technology there are significant changes in most the aspect of our life. These changes have already been successfully accepted in education systems by various other countries, one of the changes in the “Online Educational System”.

    A few of the advantages are quoted below:

    • Convenience and flexibility in learning
    • The ability to concentrate is greater
    • Learn not just the academics or face examinations but even other subjects of interest.
    • Avoid commuting to a different part of the country or the world searching for necessary academic streams in turn save money. 

    Slow learners and backward children will especially have positive access as this would enable the implementing organization to train them anywhere at any time with less financial burdens if financial assistance is obtained as intended.

    Education has always been a top priority, and, we take pleasure in bringing this project to your consideration to take one more step toward our responsibility for the country’s education system.

    People have developed services that host classes online or supplement the traditional classroom experience and many courses have their page to distribute study materials and announcements. But, we are missing a centralized, integrated system ( A webcast or a Podcast) of online education that is extensible and customizable enough to be adopted by classes taught both at institutions and by individuals.

    The implementing Institution "Taruvam" Online Education System is a database-backed web service for teaching and learning. It creates online communities of people such as Professors, Administrators, and students and provides the appropriate tools to perform their roles.

    The proposed online system will provide a set of new capabilities that enhances the traditional classroom experience by applying the benefits of the internet to teaching and learning. The education system models the classroom as a database–backed web service where members of each class belong to a well-defined group of users. These users' communities will remotely interact with other users, have asynchronous access to information, and manage their roles/contributions as community members.

    The children will be able to share their knowledge by asking and answering each other’s doubts. Also, the teacher’s part of the community is to look into these and answer or clear the doubts. The children will also have the choice to ask questions. All the teachers will be able to answer the questions raised and help the children to get the correct answers.


    • We have witnessed an ongoing information revolution brought about by the Internet.
    • We have learned to harness the Internet for more effective communication and ubiquitous information.
    • These benefits have enabled the Institution to bring many aspects of our lives online.
    • We have sites in media and broadcasting like  http://cnn.com; in finance and trading we have http://www.etrade.com; and in business and e-commerce we have http://www.amazon.com


    • All medium or language children will be on the same page.
    • Videos of the lessons with exercises for children to practice during and after school hours in and out of the school premises are provided.
    • Mock exams will be uploaded for the children to practice before the final exam.
    • Privileges (level of access to the system) will be set per the role a person enrolls in.
    • Results for exams will be generated in a click.
    • Examinations will be modeled by teachers as per the course and type of learning.
    • The network will be hackproof.
    • Teachers will work from any location on the Island and provide support to the Children.